Information Center

“A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or perhaps both.“ — James Madison


With an ever-changing world and our busy lifestyles, being well informed on current national and global issues is difficult. Due to the way news is presently being reported on television and the internet finding unbiased, nonpartisan information is also a challenge.

Advertisers and agendas seem to control our usual sources of news. This often leads us to read and watch news sources that agree with our personal opinions, not allowing us to hear the opposing sides or views, nor be challenged in our own. An informed public is essential for a healthy democracy; voters need educated opinions.

We realize that people need to be well informed, and that they do not have a lot of time. The Information Center will produce concise, agenda free reports and videos that are edifying without leading one way or the other. These briefs will give the public unbiased, clear information so they can better understand the issues and better form their own opinions and views. The information center will also be an easily accessible hub for important documents, historical records, speeches, news clips, incidents, and raw footage of important events.

With your help and support we can create this vital portal. Writers, researchers, donations, volunteers, and collaborations with other organizations, as well as help with fundraising are some of the ways that you can make it happen. Please consider having your corporations, foundation, or organization adopt us as a monthly supporter. We welcome all gifts large and small. We honor the unique preferences and philanthropic goals of each of our partners. Please contact us with your own ideas of how you may help. Do it for us all, help prevent the “farce” and “tragedy” that Madison warned us against! 

 Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated.